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I work as a sales associate at a boutique in my hometown called Born2Dress. This is the first boutique in Wellington that has popped to me not only because of the super ridiculously cute clothes (at affordable prices) but because of the way my boss, Sophia, engages with her clientele. I could go on about what makes her store so different and personable but the one thing that I think makes this boutique particularly special is the fact that she closes the store down on Sundays so that we can do private shopping parties. Shopping and parties are my two absolute faves, obviously, so here I am to tell you all a little but about these events.
Born2dress is Wellington Florida's Contemporary Boutique who offers private parties.
Basically most of the time we have the host of a party (you, in this case) have a minimum of five girls come in and we'll close the store for you ladies. You'll bring the hors d'oeuvres and the drinks, BYOB!!
Sip Champagne at Born2Dress.
 We'll set it up all nice n cute for your party. In the case of a party, there are two options. As the host, you can receive 20% off your purchases for that night OR you can donate 20% of the total proceeds from that night to your favorite charity or cause. A special cause could be there being a newly single mother in the area and she just lost her job or maybe she got diagnosed with cancer and we could donate 20% of the proceeds to that one specific cause.
Make it super fun with a theme! My personal favorite would be ugly holiday sweater theme since the holidays are (finally) here!! Or a pajama party for those of us who would just rather not squeeze into skinny jeans sometimes.
I really encourage everyone to utilize this opportunity to spend time with their girlfriends and find some goodies in the process, while even helping to support a really good cause, the cause of your choice of course!

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